The American Motors Club of Houston

14th Annual MOPAR Race and Show

October 4 and 5 2003 Houston Raceway Park

AMC TAKES TOP HONORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin's exquisite Jav takes the GOLD

Randy was there and tells it well -

Boy, all the AMC guy's were stunned. The 1970 BBG Donohue bowled them over. And with *honesty* this Mopar club awarded the trophy to the best car there. No one would have thought they would ''allow'' an AMC to win the BIG prize. The neat deal is, all the publicity shots AMC will get because of this. This Mopar club always pictures last year's winner on everything for the next year's show. Congrats to Kevin Dalley on a hard win.
But.... Others did well too. We had a couple of 2nd place winners as well. Brian Tolley got a runner up with his beautiful 1969 AMX. [doh.. but popped the driveshaft, motor mount, & radiator in the race] George Graham had a 2nd place with his 1965 American 440.
Now the AMC contingent was not quite happy with drumming the Mopars in the show. Brian Schnider out of San Antonio club WON the whole nine yards in their race. His light in the final, PERFECT .500 drilling the best Mopar had to offer.
All these guys need a big ''congrats'' And In my opinion, the Mopar club here needs a ''thank you'' for being honest enough to allow an AMC to win Best of Show at their annual Mopar event. This shows conviction on the Mopar hobby's part to deal with AMC on a positive basis. Some AMCers avoid Mopar shows. I don't understand why. This should open the door a little wider.
Randy Guynn


RACERS !!!!!!!!!!


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